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  • 高考英语高分作文实践篇unit03

    2020-09-14 15:09 admin

    高考英语高分作文实践篇unit03Dear Rob,

    How nice to hear from you again, you want to know whats going on our school.In sure, things aer been improving since the school began to care on the exploring study. In the past, the teachers always cut on the explaining the language points in the class. We should just be listener and took notes. But now we often discuss and try to solve the problems raised by the teachers or ourselves. After class, we enjoy the different kinds of activities and start doing this homework. We can read what we are interested in . We can also go to the laboratory or surf the internet for all kinds of information. In a word, we are now mastering the study and we are very happy.

    Best wishes.



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